Grooved Roller Thrust Bearings

Higher Load Capacity

The CMC Grooved Roller Bearing (GRB) difference lies in the patented grooved roller and race designs. The design increases the number of contact points in the same physical space. More contact points means longer life and greater load capacity to match the performance of CMC’s roller screws.

Extreme Force Density

This force density is unmatched in the industry and enables electric actuation solutions that are otherwise unavailable due to size constraints. The majority of our roller screw customers include the Grooved Roller Bearing in their assemblies.

Longer Life

Due to the extreme force density, the life of GRBs is five to 10 times the life of the same size angular contact bearing sets. So when you match a GRB to a CMC Roller Screw, you know that you will not have to replace the bearing during the life of the unit.